Like the majority of feed-based networks, Instagram has become a congested place where people are being bombarded by hundreds of posts every minute of the day without any filter as to its quality.

This issue caught the attention of the Instagram admin as it has been observed that people are getting less inclined to using the platform due to unsatisfactory user experience. To address the issue, it is reported that soon enough, the company will turn on its algorithmic feed where Instagram’s robots will put the best photos at the top of your feed, hide low performing posts and might even show posts out of order.

This action brought headache and anxiousness to different Brands and professionals since they all worked hard to get the number of their followers. Most of them constantly asks their followers to turn on post notifications so that they won’t disappear in their feeds once the company implements the algorithmic feed just like what Vine and YouTube did.

“Performance or popularity is not what we’re optimizing for. While we are using likes and comments as signals, timeliness and the relationship between the poster and the viewer are also important. “We’re not removing any posts from people’s feeds, just reordering them. Moreover, as it stands, many people aren’t seeing posts from accounts they care about (on average, an Instagrammer is missing 70 percent of his or her feed). Our goal is to help people see the posts they care about, including from brands,” Instagram Spokesperson remarked.