• Facebook Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Yelp Management
  • Google Plus
  • Full Time Digital Encore Manager
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Web Presence Management
  • Social Interaction
  • Testimonial Management
  • Appreciation Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Direct Personal Marketing
  • Website Landing page development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development / Maintenance / adjustment
  • Network Administration
  • Domain Management
  • SEO
  • Web Chat Management
  • Full Time online Digital Manager
  • Email Marketing
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Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram

Stay in touch with customers and prospects to keep your products or services in their minds. Regular, targeted emails – with professionally designed newsletters or other templates – can help your business.

Your customers are already sharing their thoughts by posting, liking and reviewing restaurants online. Digital Encore protects your reputation on Yelp and Google+ Local by:

  • Optimizing your profiles so they look great and are found by people searching for restaurants online.
  • Helping your biggest fans spread online word of mouth about your business.
  • Monitoring the most important review and social media websites 24/7.
  • Responding quickly to all customer reviews and messages, while they’re fresh.

Managing Yelp is very important as part of an effective digital strategy.  If you think a review may violate guidelines, it can be reported and removed. If it’s a case of an angry customer and the business owner knows what the situation is and what happened, Digital Encore recommends messaging that user. “Talk about that situation, deal with it head on. If the person ends up being happy, they can update their review.” Digital Encore has a direct relationship with Yelp that can be leveraged to improve your presence and reputation.

Full Time Digital Encore Manager

When you sign up, you will get one dedicated account manager, who will be your key point of contact. You’ll also have a dedicated team of two other social media professionals who will be working on your restaurant’s account.

Social Media Dashboard

We provide your restaurant a personalized dashboard where you can:
See and manage all your social media accounts all in one place
Track key metrics like word-of-mouth growth, fan growth, traffic growth, and more.
Compare your restaurant’s performance to other businesses in your industry.

Web Presence Management

Without a Web presence, your business or organization might as well not exist. A website is the modern equivalent of a business card. But becoming a recognizable name on the Internet takes more than just finding a place to list your contact info. Building a Web presence takes time, effort and persistence. Though there are some Web celebrities who have made their name without spending a dime, be prepared to invest in a few services to get the ball rolling.

Social Interaction

Digital Encore helps you spread word of mouth and attract more customers by:

  • Optimizing your profiles so they look great and are found by people searching for restaurants online.
  • Creating original, engaging messages that keep your restaurant top-of-mind with your current customers and spread word of mouth to potential ones.
  • Thanking customers for telling their friends about your business on Foursquare.
    Cross-promoting positive reviews across your social media network to increase your online presence.
  • Getting more customers from your competitors.
Testimonial Management

Testimonials from happy customers are a powerful way to get potential customers to choose you. We help you collect and spread positive word of mouth by:

  • Requesting testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.
  • Editing and filtering the testimonials to make you look great
  • Sharing testimonials on Facebook, Twitter and your web site.
Appreciation Management

A simple “thank you” is a great way to make customers feel valued and encourage return visits. With HubThanks we use Twitter to give customers a personal “thank you” and ask for feedback on customer review websites whenever they check in on Foursquare or leave a review, upload a picture, or check in on Yelp.

Direct Personal Marketing

We reach out online and grab customers for you:

  • Our technology searches for potential customers who are nearby.
  • We craft a customized message to connect you with the customer.
  • We put you in front of customers that you otherwise would not have met and get results.
Website Landing page development

There are plenty of rules and principles of great design but when it comes to a website’s landing page, it is almost an exact science. It’s about ‘conversion-centred design’, or using the design of the landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action.

Graphic Design

Having good graphic design is a very important piece of an online digital strategy for your business.  Whether it be newsletters, menus, logos, brochures, flyers, magazine ads, web design, our professional graphic design team is at your disposal for whatever you need.

Web Development / Maintenance / adjustment

We deliver a robust, professionally built, high quality website delivered on a personal level. You will get exactly what you need to establish a strong web presence.

Having a professionally developed, designed and optimized website is crucial if you aim to grow your company’s web market successfully. There are numerous benefits and advantages to having a dynamic Online presence which can help you gain ground and establish your business successfully.

Network Administration

Network administration and security plays a very important part in maintaining a robust and secure web site and digital presence. With a comprehensive web strategy, it becomes imperative to ensure your web security. It is an essential requirement for the network administrator to monitor that the entire network is properly secure from ddos attacks, threats, viruses, and other external inputs from different networks and applications.

Domain Management

Creating, managing, acquiring domains and strategizing for effective branded marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization, in many ways, is similar to that of politics or religion: there are more than two sides, all sides are strongly opinionated, and seldom do companies choose the same path to arrive at the same end. We know that there is no one way to market a website and that strategies that work best for one website, may not be all that beneficial to another. Our solution has always been to custom create Search Engine Optimization strategies specifically tailored to your website’s individual needs, which are based only off of proven, search engine friendly theories.

Web Chat Management

We willTalk to your customers in real-time. Live chat is a faster and more personal way for you to engage your customers.Increase the chances of high value engagement and more sales by using proactive chat to automatically reach out to customers.

Full Time online Digital Manager

Digital Encore will provide a real human resource solution to take care of all your needs full time.

Email Marketing

Email connects you to people; Digital Encore email management helps you understand your audience’s response, so you can plan your next marketing move.  We store, organize, and maintain your email address lists and information. Segment lists so the right people get the right message.