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Your website is the face of your business. It influences your customers’ perception and sets their expectation. Stand Out or your competitor will!

Digital Encore focuses its efforts on producing websites that become assets for our customers. Your website is the first point of contact and where most of your potential customers will look to determine credibility and a medium by which to gauge trust. When looking for a Web Design company, a main criteria must be, will my site be optimized and capable to drive traffic and convert sales. Rather than just spending your money on building a site that is just a ‘online business card’, utilize our web design specialists’ knowledge of how to structure your site so that it will attract targeted traffic.


Anything is possible online! However, bells, whistles, and flashy things don’t make for an effective website.

Aesthetics is definitely an important aspect of a well-built website, but your website must do much more than just look the part. The harsh reality is that most web designers only know how to make websites look good. To create a great website customer and audience has to be considered. Then the customer usability and design prowess combined with a strategic online marketing campaign. Building a successful site attracts targeted customers, establishes your brand, and works to sell your products and services.


You may already have a site that you are happy with or think is sufficient, but it may need to be freshened up and/or optimized.

Give us a ring and we will do a free website analysis to see where your site stands. We will not impose our ideas on you and will only offer what is needed to help you make your site ‘optimized’. Our redesign service is focused on the modernization of your site and enhancing the existing company identity and branding efforts. A new website will bring your business new customers, boost your sales, and allow for extra functionality to be implemented to improve your customers’ experience.