Report: Facebook Messenger Ads Could Come Within Months

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Facebook Messenger Ads could be sent to users that businesses had prior contact with. According to a report from TechCrunch Wednesday, ads could start showing up in Facebook Messenger within a few months. TechCrunch said it obtained a document that Facebook sent to some advertisers announcing that business will be able to send advertisements to customers via Messenger in the second-quarter of this year. […]

Compelling Online Social Presence

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When searching for a restaurant with great ambiance and delicious food, four out of five diners check customer reviews on social media sites. Research shows that just three negative reviews dissuade a majority of potential [...]

Restaurant Social Media Strategy: A Social Media Hub

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Restaurant social media strategies have undergone great transformation. Every restaurant can now unleash the latest and greatest power of social media. And a social media hub can help drive that. A social media wall can now deliver a unique diner experience. These digital social walls helps restaurants reach out. Locally and globally. Across a thousand miles. And most importantly it can help increase customer engagement levels. Why Social Media Hubs? Social media hubs are curated content feeds. They provide restaurants with several advantages. Restaurant social media strategy involves engaging diners. It is useful to generate social trust from these diners. For small food joints these kinds of word-of-mouth marketing drives sales. Social media walls helps attract diners and also motivates them to provide social content. If you own a restaurant it is time to take advantage of such social media walls. There are many creative ways of using social hubs for restaurants. And that would clearly put you ahead of the competition. Diners can now feel connected to your restaurant. And that provides them a unique dining experience. […]


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We live in a social media age, sharing our daily lives with the world on Facebook, our thoughts on Twitter, pictures on Instagram and now our favorite products on Pinterest – sharing is part of our lives and it’s here to stay.The food world has one of the fastest developing social communities online and contributes lots to the amount of social sharing taking place on the web. But what exactly are food lovers tweeting about, what do they share, what pictures do they like and how much are people sharing online. […]

7 Social Media Tips for Restaurants

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Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to increase awareness of your restaurant. From fast food joints to fine dining establishments, social media helps owners and managers engage with diners and get more customers in the door. Why Social Media for Restaurants Matters At Digencore, we know how cost-efficient and effective social media for restaurants can be. For starters, most restaurant social media activities are free—a big plus when you’re working with a limited marketing budget. But budget isn’t the only advantage social media has to offer. […]

Danny Meyer Reveals His Restaurant Empire's Secret Sauce

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The Meatball Shop's Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman talk with the Shake Shack burger-master about how to hire right.