Integrity and Excellence

A philosophy of integrity excellence that extends to technology, people and business practices

Vision & Mission

Helping brands and publishers profit from online advertising.

With integrity as our guiding light, we’re on a mission to make the promise of online display live up to its potential. And for an industry that is still growing and maturing, we’ve been around a long time which gives us the wisdom to know that amid the buzz, it is still quality that drives results with internet ad networks.

Our Mission

Quality isn’t just about media. It’s a broader philosophy that extends to technology, people and business practices. To marketers, our role is to deliver better performing media that has the power to turn browsers into buyers and buyers into brand advocates. To publishers, our role is to optimize the value of their premium content and in the process, deliver meaningful advertising experiences that resonate with their audiences. We fulfill our roles every day by selectively hunting down the best media environments on the web, pushing the bounds of what is possible with our technology, and packaging it all up with our years of business understanding to deliver a better, more profitable solution.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to business is honest and straightforward with an emphasis on keeping it simple. We speak like normal people and don’t over-complicate the realities with unnecessary techno-babble or fancy acronyms. We produce technology that is straightforward, reliable and easy to use. We’re masters at distilling complex requirements into powerfully simple executions. We believe that great solutions come from great ideas and solid executions. Not necessarily the latest trends. We pride ourselves on the flawless and timely execution of ideas that provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve outstanding results today.

Digital Encore is the complete solution for your local businesses. Our mission is to create thriving web management strategy to handle all of your digital needs creating a dominant web presence that increases the success and reputation of your business.

What We Do

Our web management strategy integrates social media, web, mobile, web development, email marketing, advertising, and expert knowledge to help business owners get more customers and keep them coming back. We do that by spreading word of mouth for our customers, extending their customer service, managing their online reputation, and leveraging Digital Encores strategies and expertise for your benefit.

We Do It so You Don’t Have To

We understand that local business owners do not always have the time and resources to effectively market their businesses online. That’s why we combine innovative technology with personalized service to deliver amazing results for our customers. For business owners that we have the privilege of working with, it’s like having their own team of internet marketing and web management experts at a price they can afford. We are proud to be able to elevate the web presence and success of all our clients.

Our Technology and Strategy

Our proprietary technology and unique strategy is the backbone of our “do-it-for-you” approach, and one of the key reasons we’re able to achieve results for our customers that can’t be achieved without spending tens of thousands of dollars per month. Our concept was built with one thing in mind to help local businesses succeed online . With that focus we’ve done some amazing things for our clients, and we’re always exploring innovative ways that we can do more.

Our Results

Since launching in 2014, we have crafted more than 100,000 messages for our clients across social media, customer landing pages and email. From that work we have learned a lot about what drives results in each industry we serve. For us, the old saying is true we only succeed when our customers do. See how we drive ROI for our customers:

  • Typical Customer Results After 90 days After 180 Days
  • Increase in monthly Yelp Traffic 43% 61%
  • Increase in Facebook Fans 259% 330%
  • Increase in Facebook Word of Mouth 353% 610%
  • Increase in Twitter Followers 266% 500%

Our Culture and Values

We are passionate about helping merchants succeed, and we believe that our culture is the foundation that helps us do that. These are the values that shape our culture:
  • Reverence for local business We treat customers and prospective customers like the local heroes that they are.
  • Win-Win-Win We ensure that each of our actions is in the best interests of our team, our company, and our customers.
  • Challenge ourselves We commit ourselves to continuously improving our performance and pushing through our comfort barriers.
  • Take ownership We hold ourselves accountable for our choices and results.
  • Elevate others We lift up our customers and teammates, through positivity, confidence, and graciousness.
  • Speak up We know candor and constructive dissent are critical to our success.